Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Examination of the Suicide Characteristics Based on the Scene Investigation in Capital Budapest (2009-2011)

Medicolegal evaluation of postmortem findings at the death scene represents an important part of forensic medicine. The aim of this study was to investigate the occurrence and characteristics of suicide events. Data collection was performed from the police scene investigation reports in capital Budapest between 2009 and 2011. 

In this study, epidemiological parameters such as age, gender, time and place of death, postmortem changes, suicidal method, seasonal and daily distribution, natural diseases, earlier psychiatric treatment, socioeconomic risks, supposed cause of death, final notes, earlier suicide attempts, and suicide ideations were analyzed. 

There were 892 suicide cases (619 males, 273 females) detected in the investigated period. Hanging, overdose of prescription medications, jumping, use of firearms, drowning, and electrotrauma showed statistical differences among genders (p < 0.05). The most common methods of suicide among men and women were hanging (57.4%) and overdose of prescription medications (33%), respectively. Death scene characteristics represent the important factors for forensic medicine.


By: Kristóf I1Vörös K2Marcsa B2Váradi-T A2Kosztya S1Törő K3.
  • 1Hungarian Institute of Forensic Sciences, 1087, Hungary, Budapest, Mosonyi u. 9.
  • 2Semmelweis University, 1094, Hungary, Budapest, Tüzoltó u. 37-47.
  • 3Department of Forensic and Insurance Medicine, Semmelweis University, 93 Ulloi Budapest, Budapest, 1091, Hungary.

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