Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Personality Disorders Do Not Affect Treatment Outcomes for Chronic HCV Infection in Spanish Prisoners: The Perseo Study

Below:  Treatment discontinuation in prisoners with and without personality disorders, stratified by cause of treatment interruption. *Release and/or transfer between prisons. PD: personality disorder; NS: not significant


The sample included 236 patients (mean age: 40.3 years, 92.8 % male, 79.2 % intravenous drug users, and 26.3 % HIV-coinfected). The prevalence of PD was 72.5 %. 32.2 % of patients discontinued treatment; this percentage was higher in patients with HCV genotypes 1/4 (AOR = 3.55; CI:1.76–7.18) and those without PD (AOR = 2.51; 1.23–5.11). Treatment discontinuation was mainly for penitentiary reasons (40.3 %): release or transfer between prisons.
The rate of sustained viral response (SVR) was 52.1 % by ITT and 76.9 % by observed treatment (OT). SVR was higher among patients with genotype 2 or 3, and those with low baseline HCV-RNA. We did not observe any differences between individuals with and without PD in term of SVR, HCV genotype or HIV infection.


Our results support the safety and clinical effectiveness of the treatment of chronic HCV infection in correctional facilities, both in prisoners with PD and those without. Our data support non-discrimination between patients with and without PD when offering treatment for HCV infection to prison inmates.

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