Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Police and clinician diversion of people in mental health crisis from the Emergency Department

Below:  Effects of Northern Police and Clinician Emergency Response (NPACER) on section 10 presentations to the ED. NPACER commenced in November 2012. Trend analysis excludes a three month embedding process (November 2012 – January 2013)

NPACER reduced the number of mental health crisis presentations to the ED. When the NPACER team was operational, 16 % of people in crisis went to ED compared with 100 % for all other times of the day, over a six-month period. The NPACER team enabled direct access to the inpatient unit for 51 people assessed at a police station and in the community compared with no direct access when NPACER was not operational.

NPACER enabled reductions in presentations to the ED by diverting people to more appropriate and less restrictive environments. The model also facilitated direct admission to acute inpatient mental health services when people in crisis were assessed in the community or transported to a police station for assessment.

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